Green waste shredding

Green waste shredding machinery.

Enviro Plant offers a simple, reliable and economic means of green waste recycling. Our machines operate at very low noise and nuisance levels unlike a hammer machine which causes noise pollution and dust.  The shredder has a quiet screw action so is favoured by our customers for use in urban areas.

Fully mobile, power driven by a Unimog, can shred waste such as grass mowings, roots, leaves, branch wood, pallets, waste paper etc. where it arises or at a collection point.  

The expelled heap of material will not produce any seepage or residue as it heats up it absorbs all moisture.  The heap will naturally heat up to 60 degree symbolc, killing and destroying all seeds, weeds and fungus etc. The peat like material is sterile but the Ph level will vary depending on the types of vegetation. 

The finished product can be put back on the land as mulch, screened as soil or carted away to be disposed of environmentally. The reduced mass ratio is 7:1.

Hire of Green Waste Shredder

Can be hired by the hour, day or week, minimum 2 hours, or fixed price estimates available. 

The Shredder comes with a fully trained operator. We are pleased to offer for hire our Green Waste Mix-Shredder. Prices available on application.

Contact us for further details.